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Integrating ACTUS With External Analytics: Behavioral Risk Models And Machine Learning / AI

Speaker: Jeff Braswell, Founding Partner and CEO, Tahoe Blue Ltd.

Abstract: The ACTUS Financial Contract Standards express the terms and algorithms of financial contracts -- and the promised cash flows for the full life of a contract that are embodied in its contractual commitments -- without incorporating any assumptions about external behaviors or risk models that would affect or alter the ultimate outcome of contracts in the course of future events or scenarios.  This distinction is important, and it allows ACTUS to establish machine-executable contract standards that can be transparently validated and agreed upon mutually by all parties to a contract.  

However, it is also important to be able to deploy ACTUS for the purpose of probabilistically analyzing the future evolution and disposition of financial contracts in a potentially large number of probable, possible or hypothetical scenarios. This presentation will discuss some of the means and opportunities to utilize ACTUS, and the JAVA library reference implementation of the ACTUS Financial Contract Algorithms ™, for such purposes.

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